We are pleased to welcome SuperGreen Saudi Arabia and to thank Godman Power for systems in Puerto Rico! #PrepareNow

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Made in USA


1MWh in alternative energy generated daily by current SunRunr owners = one ton less CO2 emissions per day

power health clinics during disaster relief
SUNRNR wins FEMA Technological Innovation Award
transportable for spot remote location use
power outage emergency backup
SunRunr President invited to White House regarding trade
well or transfer water pump everyday or during outages
immediate power solutions where there is no electricity
reduce utility bill while awaiting outage
decrease fossil fuel dependence

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Individual, Community,

Grid Available

Grid Temporarily Unavailable

Off-Grid or No Grid

Commercial, Public Sector, NGOs

... Storing Resilience

... Generating Opportunity

... Empowering Security

Solar-Plus-Storage Anytime, Anywhere

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A $5000 investment equals $1500 in tax credit in the US

To date: 150kW solar and 1.5MWh storage deployed with no infrastructure required!

SunRunr Solutions
... Generating Opportunity, Resilience, and Security

FunFacts(updated 4/17)

small construction site power without grid dependence
Monkey? Turkey? Bear? What caused the 3900 power outages that affected 19M for an average of 48 min each in the US in 2016? We LOVE the Eaton Blackout Tracker!
phone charging stations without the grid
SunRunr portable immediate solar power system solutions

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