What caused 3,900 power outages that affected 19M for an average of 48 min each in the US in 2016? We LOVE the Eaton Blackout Tracker!

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Portable Solar Generators

well or transfer water pump everyday or during outages

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SUNRNR wins FEMA Technological Innovation Award
small construction site power without grid dependence

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A $5,000 investment equals $1,500  tax credit in the US

To date: 150kW solar and 1.5MWh storage deployed with no infrastructure required!

SunRunr President invited to White House regarding trade
SunRunr portable immediate solar power system solutions

FunFacts(updated 4/17)

1MWh in alternative energy generated daily by current SunRunr owners = one ton less CO2 emissions per day

SunRunr Solutions
... Generating Opportunity, Resilience, and Security

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