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Daily News-Record Front Page article by Vic Bradshaw 11/28/15, photo by Nikki Fox, DN-R
SUNRNR Owners Experience Early Success With Product



Allow for access to clean, independent, point-of-consumption electricity, one yellow box at a time.


SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc (now dba SunRunr) was founded in the Shenandoah Valley in 2004 when Alan Mattichak realized the need for a portable solar generator energy storage system for electricity at remote or off grid locations or as commercial or residential backup or supplemental power. After years of engineering, testing, design improvements, and patenting, SunRunrs came to market in 2008.

SunRunr also supports the NeuroRestorative Virginia at Breezy Hill Program by subcontracting supervised raw-material-to-finished-product assembly of wiring harnesses to several of the veteran and civilian residents.  By providing cognitive skills-building, mental and physical stimulation, recreation, non-competitive wages, and useful work, these activities help acquired brain injury residents with community integration and daily living skills.

About SunRunr - Mission, Vision, History, Management

Exporting Push - Virginia Business Magazine
Story by Jessica Sabbath, Photo by Mark Rhodes

We are pleased to welcome SuperGreen Saudi Arabia and to thank Godman Power for systems in Puerto Rico! #PrepareNow

NAICS:  221114

Management Team:

Alan Mattichak, Principal/Founder/Inventor
Involved in energy cogeneration systems and power plants (turbine, diesel, steam) his entire adult life.  Also President of Mattichak Energy Systems.

Scott French, Principal/Business Manager
Background in Management/Accounting
President of successful small business for 30 years.

Jenny Jager French, Principal/President
MS Aerospace Engineering, PE