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NAICS:  221114

Made in USA

PO Box 102
Port Republic, VA  24471
540-271-3403   contact@sunrunr.com

One-Year Limited Warranty

Your SunRunr comes with a one year limited warranty which covers defects in materials and/or workmanship. Product registration is required.

Small Wind or Microhydro Water Turbine charging options

Using the Auxiliary Plug listed below, you may recharge a SunRunr with your 12V, 300+W wind or water turbine.  Call with specification questions.  Sold through independent dealers. 

SunPowr Power Module for Expanding System

Add another 2+ kWh storage and 290W generation by quick-connect link cord to main SunRunr unit.  A SunPowr shares the SUN110, SUN220, or SUN240 inverter doubling your energy storage and generation without doubling the price!  Each SunPowr comes standard with link cord and two 145W solar panels, hinged and pre-wired with 30' cable.

"Flagship" 110/120 VAC, 60Hz (SUN110)
"Well Pump" for US devices 240 VAC, 60 Hz (SUN240)
"International" for 220/240 VAC, 50 Hz (SUN220)

Systems store 2kWh of renewable power. The included pair of hinged, pre-wired 150W solar panels generates an additional 1.5kWh daily. Inverter rated at 5kW continuous/10kW surge. Powder-coated steel chassis, easy-roll casters, rugged handles, 28”x15”, 30”, 260lbs. They only differ in their inverter's voltage/frequency output. Complete system technical details are posted on Specifications.

Recommended Option:  Add an additional pair of solar panels through the pre-wired AUX portal. Allows for an additional 1.5kWh daily and quicker recovery.

The included solar panels are hinged to retain portability and functionality.  Standard pre-wired cable length is 30', but custom cable length may be requested at order.

Typical custom lengths: 50', 100', 150'

SunRunr Portable Solar Systems

– output (“model”) chosen upon order

Auxiliary Plug with starter cable (12VDC in/out)

This AUX plug with 2' wired cable allows for the easy integration of other 30-amp max renewable energy recharging methods such as a wind turbine, a microhydro turbine, or a kinetic energy (bicycle) source. It may also be used for drawing 12VDC up to 30 amps directly from the battery. 

Full Sine Inverter Upgrade
Upgrade to a Cotek SD 3500/6000W pure sine wave inverter to run sensitive electronic devices (e.g. some pellet stoves, desktops, older audio).

SunnyRack Panel Frame 
Each holds two hinged solar panels.

AC-DC Charger w/AUX Plug 
Although not necessarily the point, a SunRunr's battery may be charged from the grid by the use of our AC-DC charger pre-wired with the applicable plug for connection to a units' auxiliary portal.

Additional, External Pure Sine Inverter

Less-expensive alternative to internal full sine inverter upgrade. Instead, keep the powerful modified sine inverter and add an external 1100W or larger FSW inverter to the system by way of the link cord portal.  Offered through Alternative Energy, Inc.

SunRunr Product Upgrades