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NAICS:  221114

Made in USA

PO Box 102
Port Republic, VA  24471
540-271-3403   contact@sunrunr.com
US shipping estimate - commercial address or pick up at dock

Shipping quotes are FOB
US Lower 48 shipping and handling cost is $50 per pallet; Two systems maximum per 70”x42” skid, Class 85, 800-1000lbs
Crating cost (two systems per crate) for shipping beyond lower 48 is $150 per crate
Dealer may arrange shipping through their freight company or use our preferred partners, Old Dominion Freight Lines (ODFL) for domestic or DHL for global
If self-arranged, pickup address is c/o Battery Express, 1501 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA  22801; requires appointment w/Scott 540-271-3403
General ocean shipping estimate:  $800 per system for less than container quantities for Hawaii, South America, Africa, Mid East, Australia.  FCL estimate:  $100/system
Other transportation, customs, duty/tariff, tax, etc costs shall be borne by purchaser. Risk of loss after product leaves Company plant is borne by freight agent/forwarder

Buy SunRunr factory-direct at retail or from the following

Your usage, especially if agribusiness-related, may qualify for a federal grant or loan like those offered by the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) which provides financial assistance to agriculture producers and rural small businesses to save money on their energy bills, reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, support America's clean energy economy, and cut carbon pollution.


two SunRunr systems ready for shipping

Dealer, distributor, representative inquiries are welcome via newsletter subscription or direct contact - minimum four units domestic and new global markets (2 skids/crates at 2 units per skid/crate) and minimum half-container global established markets (32 systems).  Full containers are double half-container quantities. 50% deposit due on order.

Domestic/International Franchises:

$$$     Commercial   $$$

Commercial use planned?  Have a DUNS number?  
SAM Registered?

We are quality portable solar-plus-storage system makers, not lawyers or CPAs, but we think the Recovery Act Section 1603 says you can get 30% back on the purchase of a SunRunr!  Not credit ... paid back!  See what your tax professional thinks.  More information regarding Section 1603 payments for specified energy property in lieu of tax credits may be found under Commercial Investment Credits on this link.  This credit uses IRS Form 3468 and its 3468 Instructions.

​Tax Credits and Rebates

Godman Power Group SunRunr Representative
SunRunr sells individually and in quantity.  The decision to purchase a sustainable power supply is rather substantial and an investment of several thousand dollars in a quality piece of equipment. As manufacturer, we prefer you have direct contact with SunRunr HQ at 540-271-3403 or one of our representatives. Visit the Products page for SunRunr models and available upgrades, accessories, options and related products.  Authorized dealers are listed below.

A $1000 per system (or possibly 50% total order) deposit will be required. SunRunr HQ and their dealers accept credit cards and checks. You may request a shipping quote via the representative or through the contact form (please provide your zip code or country port).

Purchase - Individual or Quantity

SuperGreen Solutions SunRunr Dealer

International and Government Contracts:

$$$      Residential       $$$
Depending on your usage, application, and tax professional's opinion, you will likely be able to file IRS Form 5695 for a Residential Energy Credit up to
30% of your expenditure on a SunRunr system purchase.

Helpful blog, Claiming The Solar ITC

Here is SunRunr's Manufacturer's Certification Statement that is required when using Form 5695.

The best source for information on state and local tax incentives:
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency 

Alternative Energy, Inc SunRunr Dealer

Note:  We recycle packing material for shipping!  Pallet/crate will look similar to this and ships via freight truck or container.  UNITS SHIP FULLY CHARGED!