Disaster Relief

and Backup Power

  • Storing Resilience
  • Provide power for response and recovery operations such as a health clinic, communication or recharging stations delivering reliable and expedient services that might otherwise overwhelm communities after a disaster
  • Have basic backup emergency power during outages
  • Promote preparedness, sustainability, and resilience

SunRunr systems are useful before (mitigation), during (response), and after (recovery) disaster or emergency-related power loss.

Public education and promotion of preparedness are major elements of SunRunr’s mission.

Commercial, Private Sector:

Energy solutions that improve and grow economic opportunity in inconsistent, off-grid or remote environments.

  • Do business where there is no power
  • Power for on-the-road crews such as construction or maintenance
  • Add to Business Sustainability or Environmental Stewardship Plan
  • Pump water in the middle of nowhere
  • Stay operational during an outage
  • Power indoor/outdoor events

Public Sector, International, Governmental, Humanitarian, NGOs:

SunRunr systems are useful before (mitigation), during (response), and after (recovery) disaster or emergency-related power loss, whether natural, man-made, or even economic.

  • Immediate solution for developing nation electrification, rural or tribal energy
  • No fossil fuel-related issues (scarcity, price, dangers, transport, dependence, ...)
  • Transportable to villages, remote locations, non-interconnected zones. disaster sites for general necessities, health clinics, communication, recharging stations
  • In-the-field power for military, communications, UAV or drones

Green Energy

  • Empowering Security
  • Entry-level solar
  • Lower your utility bill and fossil fuel dependence.
  • Be prepared with clean, silent, SAFE, maintenance-free renewable energy
  • Power outbuildings, cabins, pumps without running lines
  • Plug and play
  • Get credits and rebates
  • So many applications

The high-watt output can run many devices at once, but the system's specialty is running high surge devices such as well pumps and power tools.

NorthEast US grid blackout
clean portable solar power reduces grid and fossil fuel dependence
partial or no access to electricity

SunRunr Solutions ... Generating Opportunity ... Storing Resilience ... Empowering Security

SunRunr owners are a diverse crowd with diverse applications.

Individuals, Communities:​​

High-Watt output can run many devices at once, but the system's specialty is powering high-surge devices such as well pumps and power tools
  • Entry-level solar for smaller budgets, homes not suited for full installs
  • Pump water
  • Use daily to reduce utility bill, keep battery healthy and charged, and reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce dependence on the grid and foreign oil
  • Power cabin, tiny home, bungalow, workshop, electric scooter, outbuilding, well pump, barn
  • 30% Federal tax credit applies to most applications
  • Backup power for appliances, lights, fan, laptop, water pump, TV, microwave, phone charger, router, etc and Power-To-Go if needed

Helping Others

  • Generating Opportunity
  • Allow for creation of a company where there is no power
  • Pump water without a grid
  • Keep businesses running during an outage
  • Power construction tools at remote sites
  • Immediate solution for developing nation electrification

We provide power solutions and opportunities to expand production of goods and services and generally improve the economic viability in inconsistent/off-grid or remote environments.

​Our  products enable individuals, businesses and communities to grow.

Made in USA

We are pleased to welcome SuperGreen Saudi Arabia and to thank Godman Power for systems in Puerto Rico! #PrepareNow

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