basic SUNRNR portable solar generator

SunRunr System Specifications - solar generation, storage, output

Power Generation

  • 290W Kyocera 2-KD145 Solar Panels Included:  Hinged and pre-wired;  20+ yr life; 30’ plug-and-play cable standard; up to 150’ optional
  • 59”h x 26”w x 2”d, 27lbs each; Rugged; stand-alone, aluminum frame
  • Rack optional
  • Solar/Aux charging portals with accessible 30-amp fuse protection
  • 30-amp solar PWM charge controller: LCD digital voltmeter and solar current ammeter display; Battery and charge status LEDs
  • Aux portal accepts other 12V DC supplies up to 30 amps (wind or water turbine, AC-DC charger, or two additional solar panels)
  • Use unit with or without panels connected

Power Storage

  • 12VDC 8D rechargeable AGM battery: 2940 Wh (245Ah x 12VDC), 5+ yr life, 150-3100 cycles
  • Best battery life by only using 2/3 battery capacity before recharging, i.e. “useable storage”
  • Therefore, 2000 Wh “useable” before recharge required (add 250Wh per pair of panels per hour of sun)
  • Sustainable usage rate (available every day if panels have 6 hours of sun per day):  1.5kWh per day per unit (2 panels) or 3kWh/day (4 panels)

Power Output

AC Inverter:

  • 3,500W max continuous power/10,000W surge
  • Modified sine wave (pure sine upgrade 3.5kW/6kW surge optional)
  • SUN110  110-120VAC 60Hz (US wall); 4 outlets
  • SUN240  220-240VAC 60Hz (US well pump, etc); 2 universal outlets
  • SUN220  220VAC 50Hz (international); 2 universal outlets
  • AC load, DC status LED bar graph meters; Power and fault LED indicators
  • Low voltage alarm and automatic shutdown


  • 30-amp DC output portal
  • 12V DC standard socket with USB port option

System Features

  • Steel chassis enclosure for ruggedness and safety; Fully powder-coated for long-life protection; Rugged master on/off disconnect switch
  • Rolls easily on 4” caster wheels; Sturdy handles for lifting
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty; 28”l x 15”w x 30”h;  ~260 lbs
  • Manufactured in America
  • Detailed user’s manual; Easy to operate plug and play
  • Silent; Minimal maintenance; Investment quality
  • Expandable system:  Quick-connect portal; Link SUNPWR (identical to above without inverter) or any other unit to any main unit to expand (e.g. double, triple) electricity generation and storage
large amp-hour rechargeable AGM battery
charge controller, portals, fuses, DC end

Made in USA

SUN220 SUN240 high output inverter
SunRunr - Made in America
modular expandable solar system
PO Box 102
Port Republic, VA  24471
SUN110 high output inverter

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NAICS:  221114